BASIC MATERIALS PAPER: 2 sheets glued together RESIN: two-component polyurethane paint FIBREGLASS VARNISH AND BINDERS: polyurethane or acrylic COLOURS: dispersion of pure pigments in polyurethane varnish or traditional Acrylic paint FRAMEWORK: in wood or PVC

TECHNIQUE The sheet of paper is first covered in paint or decorated with vignettes, then soaked in water until it is soft enough to be moulded. Undulating folds are obtained when the paper is compressed by hand. Striking folds appear if the sheet is partially unfolded once it has been laminated. Once dry, the rigidity of the paper returns and it is attached to the frame that has been fretted in accordance with the random profile of the folds. Application of the resin/fibreglass mixture to the back of the work. Varnish is applied to visible areas. The non-flammable classification of the work (classed M1 and M0) is provided on request.

TOWARDS A DEFINITION OF MY ARTISTIC APPROACH I belong to the poetry camp, that of the Parnassians. They favour a form of art that is poetic by way of restraint, through its impersonal character and rejection of social and political engagement. Art does not have to be useful, virtuous or shocking: all it needs to be is beautiful.